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New Headline Debut

Bogus - Scapegoat at large by Bogus Falsely
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update 02/28/2015

A little hesitant? Ghost write for Bogus! We can put your article here and say that Bogus did it. Thats what he is here for. To assume responsibility for what might not be our finest hour, then if it shapes up and becomes better, you can take it back.

Be Aware though, once something gets out, it can be exploited.

The next most suitable book article goes here. DONATE small image even handdrawn that can stand up to being crushed into a small .gif or .png. TELL about favorite book related something something.

We will strive to archive a good article. Maybe we will keep it up longer term if possible or at your whim. (tech alert) what happens to the page especially on the right if new column table goes here? Will the last article archive at the bottom or have to be deleted. Its too unworthy to archive anyway, but, what if i had a good one? Who knows, here goes nothing.

"Fifty Shades.

Next to Fifty Shades, her "Go Set A Watchman." I'm going to try to get to it.

I do look forward to reading some 'new' Harper Lee.

No, really, the row of book covers was awesome.  Cyan Dollar Saloon

Harper Lee "Go Set A Watchman" July Debut

Ellie by Ellipsis DeFine
Cyan Dollar Saloon
update 02/14/2015

The keywords were 'best book list fiction' and Google 'Search' did not let me down. This was 'Search', mind you, not 'Images.' Right below the search bar and titled "Books frequently mentioned on the web" was a most awesome and envious, I might add, row of full color, good resolution, most popular book covers.

"Fifty Shades of Grey" led the list. While it is quite popular its almost certain I will never read it. Many will and I know what its like to read a good book, so I'm happy for them.

Next to Fifty Shades, in second place, was "Too kill A Mockingbird" by Harper Lee. Its been dozens of years since I read that, and some few years since I saw Gregory Peck play Atticus Finch. A very entertaining movie, probably in black & white. Oh, and then there was "Nell," when she hung out with "Capote," or at least the Philip Seymour Hoffman version. Soon Harper Lee, or Capote's 'Nell' will let go of her "Go Set A Watchman." I'm going to try to get to it.

I will buy 'trade,' on occasion, but, I've been spoiled by libraries, yard sales, and the internet itself, so I would never even consider buying a new hardcover, I'm a 'mass market' sort of person. There is just too much catching up to do to resort to something like that in my humble opinion. All that being said though, I do look forward to reading some 'new' Harper Lee.

No, really, the row of book covers was awesome. It would make you want to stop, and take up reading as a 'new' hobby, and start all over from the beginning! Please click here and see for yourself. best book list fiction + Google Search Cyan Dollar Saloon

Welcome this is the latest version of our current book shrine construction area, and latest HTML and CSS project. I guess I could do art but... I'm just gonna throw all my stuff down here and see what happens. I hope you can get into some of it because it's what I'm enjoying. Some of the trouble here is focus. Writing content is one focus and writing HTML & CSS is another and things get blurry. If it gets too messy for you though I've tried to give you a lot of good ways out over on the side.

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Editor Note: That Chapter One stuff up there was very good that one day. I read several chapters, and enjoyed them all.

(tech stuff) This last leg of the table seems to be holding up ok. Maybe an ad for one-stop would help fill in.

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